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    DZ77RE-75K - SSD drive is skiped in boot sequence - BUG

    Martin S.

      I have found another nasty bug at the DZ77RE-75K motherboard. I have disabled UEFI boot, because it is definitely broken. But there is another bug in traditional BIOS boot. I have three drives attached. First of them is Samsung SSD 830, second and third are ordinary SATA drives from Seagate. SSD drive is partitioned with GPT table and there is a Grub2 boot loader, but the SSD drive is skipped during the boot sequence and system boots randomly form from HDD2 or HDD3. SSD drive is set at the first position in the Boot config. I can manually choose a SSD when hit F10 during POST and enter to the boot menu, than system boot without any problem from SSD drive. It doesn't matter where in the boot sequence is SSD drive placed, it is always ignored. I can boot from it only by manual selection in F10 menu.


      Any ideas?

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          Not really sure if this would make a difference for you but if a BIOS update wont help... Disconnect all but the S830... load BIOS defaults and clear all custom Settings first.


          Check the S830 on the chipsets Sata 6gb 0 slot...boot the system up and let it configure the new drive.


          After that i would be connecting each and any other drive, one at a time,  boot the system and let them be configured on the software as well. One at a time and boot to see if everything is going as supposed to.


          You can use slot 2 and 3 respectively or if you are using RAID,,,, just put them in slot 3 and 4 respectivley as either RAID 1 or 0 will run on performance restricted to the minimum port/drive specs. I like putting them in pairs and in order so i can isolate problems easily in a multi drive pc.


          I saw you are talking LINUX and know none about them, i would follow this method to try and isolate a problem on a windows pc. It really sounds like a BIOS issue...are you running the latest version?


          See if that helps! Hope you sort things out in any case


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            Hi! I also experience this problem with the latest 0045 BIOS on my DZ77GA-70k. I also got the Samsung 830 SSD on Port 0 and 2 x Western Digital Caviar Black 640GB on Port 2 & 3. I've set up all SATA Ports to AHCI. When I enter BIOS, it only shows the SSD and just one of my HDDs. In the Boot Menu (accessed via F10) all my devices are listed. This didn't happened to me on 0039 - it's a new bug. All my drives are partitioned with MBR; so, GPT doesn't seem to be the bad boy.

            Did you install GRUB2 booting in UEFI mode? There is grub2-bios and grub2-efi. Definitely make sure, that you got the right one set up.

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              Martin S.

              OK, I will try some more exercise with HDDs. At this moment SSD drive is connected to the Sata 6gb port 0, and ordinary drives to Sata 3gb port 2,3. I'm running latest 0045 bios. I also did BIOS reset many times.


              I resigned to using UEFI boot, because it is broken. Intel board fails to boot Linux kernel. It is known bug. I moved my SSD drive temporary to my Dell laptop and it was able to boot in UEFI mode without any errors - I have started another thread for this.

              I'm using grub2-bios now and SSD disk is partitioned by GPT. Boots perfectly, but needs to be accessed by F10 menu.


              This board firmware is still in deep alpha state.