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    DQ77KB - How do I configure Intel Management Engine?

    Lou Fourquet

      I have an Intel DQ77KB motherboard, w/ an Intel i7-3770T and have been trying to use vPro KVM but my Intel Management Engine says it's unconfigured in the Intel Management and Security Status software within windows. Intel AMT and Intel AT both say enabled in the Intel Management and Security Status software. I've searched all over the net, and I can't find anything specific for this motherboard, and any of the solutions on how to enter the Management Engine setup for other systems have not worked for me on this board.


      I have the latest bios. I've reset the Management Engine settings (even thought I never even set or saw them) from within the BIOS in configure mode (w/ bios jumper set to pins 2-3).


      I've come across pictures of other systems that have a Management Engine tab within the bios - the DQ77KB has no such options.


      Any help would be appreciated!