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    New Build DX79SI 3930K won't post. Shuts off and turns back on


      Hello everyone.


      Just finished building a new system. This isn't my first rodeo, so I'm fairly certain the assembly is correct.

      System powers on, no video. no beeps. Shuts off after about 30 seconds then powers back on.


      DX79SI, 3930K, Corsair TX650M, 16gb Corsair XMS3 (installed in the blue slots), GeForce 9800 GT, Corsair H100 cooler.


      Unit powers on as soon as the power supply power switch is thrown,

      5v standby power indicator comes on

      Memory initilization light blinks, then comes on steady for about 10 seconds before shutting off.

      Hard Drive Activity light comes on for about 1 second, then a very short blink every 4 seconds.

      CPU initialization light blinks until unit shuts itself off.


      Post codes:


      a bunch flash by too quick to read

      61, 63, 67, 69, 26, 31, 06

      a bunch flash by too quick to read


      then shuts off briefly before restarting.