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    DZ68BC BIOS 0036 first impressions (overclocking still doesn't work)


      Just updated my bios from 0035 to 0036. I used the BC0036.BIO file and F7 to update the bios. BIOS update when smooth.


      My system configuration:

      mainbord = DZ68BC, version AAG30742-401

      cpu = i7-2600K

      memory = 16 Gbyte RAM (Corsair CML16GX3M4A1600C9)

      video = AMD Radeon HD 6700

      os = Windows 8 Release Preview x64


      Fixes according to readme:


      • Updated Intel® ME firmware to versions,

      => BIOS shows Unclear to me how I can see that version is present in bios.


      • Updated processor support.

      => Unable to check. I have only a i7-2600K


      • Updated LAN Option ROM to version 1.3.95 PXE 2.1 Build 091.

      => Didn't check


      • Updated VBIOS to version 2132.

      => don't now how to verify


      • Updated SATA RAID Option ROM to version

      => Didn't check yet. When using my Radeon video card I cannot enter the RAID BIOS menu with CTRL-I. I need to attach my display port connector to my Intel HD 3000 video port (build into the i7-2600K) and then the screen is shown much longer and CTRL-I works. This seems also an issue introduced with 0035 as it worked fine with 0028. The raid BIOS itself seems to work fine with Intel Rapid Storage driver


      • Fixed issue where overclocking does not work as expected after BIOS update.

      => OVERCLOCKING STILL DOESN'T WORK: max turbo speed is still shown as 5900MHZ!


      • Fixed issue where turbo boost does not work.

      => CPU will boost to 3.8 GHz, so seems to work


      • Fixed issue where F7 update fails after changing the settings of Processor Overrides page.

      => F7 update worked fine for my hardware configuration


      • Fixed issue where L2 Cache is incorrect.

      => no comment.


      • Fix issue with Wake up system from S5 setting.

      => not tested yet


      • Fixed issue where actual calculated CPU frequency does not match the speed displayed in BIOS Setup.

      => seems not to be fixed


      • Fixed issue where computer halts at system welcome logo when certain processor is installed.

      => with i7-2600K system works fine (but it never halted before).


      • Fixed yellow bang issue in Device Manager.

      => No yellow exclamation mark in device manager (was also not a problem with 0035)


      • Fixed issue where Overridden Processor Turbo Speed always shows in BIOS.

      => seems not to be fixed


      • Fixed issue where CPU Turbo Boost function cannot be disabled in the operating system.

      => no comments


      System seems to run stable. Enabled automatic overclocking in BIOS to 4.5GHz, but that doesn't work (did in 0028).


      Tip: to run Win8 Release Preview stable on the DZ68BC install Microsoft hotfix KB2727113. I have experienced a lot of freezes of Win8 on my DZ68BC with BIOS 0028 and 0035. This was however due to a defect in Win8 (resolved with that ms hotfix).


      Conclusion: if you have already BIOS 0035 then upgrading to 0036 seems to be safe but it didn't resolve the overclocking problem for me. Owners of new revision of the DZ68BC (AAG30742-402 and AAG30742-403) might experience BIOS 0036 differently.


      I you are now on BIOS 0028 I would recommend to wait a little bit longer until more feedback is available (upgrading to 0035 and 0036 is NOT reversible to 0028).