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    UEFI boot broken at DZ77RE-75K, unable to boot Linux

    Martin S.



      I have serious troubles with my new DZ77RE-75K motherboard and its UEFI boot. It is not able to boot any Linux distro from CD media in UEFI mode. I tried Ubuntu, Fedora, Arch and all of them stuck before kernel start. There two versions of the BIOS (0039 and 0045) but no luck. Version is even not able to boot Win 7 in UEFI mode - boot loader is not found.


      Another flaw is that there is no UEFI boot manager in the BIOS menu, so there is no simple way how to add or edit UEFI boot options. I was able to add manually a record for Grub2 bootloader placed on the EF00 partition via EFI Shell started from Archboot CD. But result is just same. Boot stuck or falls back to the UEFI boot menu.


      Sub-problem is that the UEFI boot menu is somehow generated dynamically. As a result, manually added boot options are dropped on next reboot.


      I was able to boot from all tested media and also from the HDD when moved to my Dell laptop. I can tell this is a definitely problem of the Intel board and its BIOS. (HDD is Samsung PM830 SSD 256GB)


      When I bought DZ77RE-75K I expected a premium product with premium (Visual) BIOS, not a piece of this crap.