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    cannot install latest graphics driver


      on a new DH67BL board I am unable to update the driver from 8 to latest 15 version.


      I install, restart, but version is the same.


      I am updating because the wireless mouse and KB are erratic and have lag, stick on the screen etc.

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          when it comes to using wireless mouse and wireless keyboards, check the batteries of both wireless devices (I know at least one of them uses batteries).

          usually weak or dead batteries are the major source of problems with wireless mice & KBs, which is why they're behaving erratically.  try replacing the batteries of your wireless devices with new batteries first.  and put your wireless devices closer to a wireless receiver to reduce or elliminate problems.

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            i will call Intel support and get them onto this.....


            forums are pretty much useless like the battery solution above (pleese)