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    Intel DH67CF old revision bricked with new Bios?




      I've recently purchased an Intel DH67CF used motherboard. I was buying it with vision of using new 22nm processors.

      When I got a package I went to download section to update BIOS etc.


      I confess - I didn't check the AA revision but since I am not a Windows user anyway, I couldn't use the Windows app to update BIOS. I downloaded the OS independent tool and used my USB pen drive to update the BIOS.

      The motherboard was using 132 or older revision, I really don't remember and I decided to update to the newest 156.


      Everything went smoothly and soon the update was done. Not a single warning or anything. What was a surprise, since then mobo is not booting anymore. It doesn't respond to any actions, nor checking USB for an a mouse, keyboard, pendrive (they don't work).

      I've contacted my seller but he is unable to find the receipt for the motherboard; nevertheless the S/N checking tools says it should be under warranty for about a year longer.


      I tried contacting Intel support but without a response. What can I do? Can I simply put the Mobo to the rubbish bin? I've desperately bought a second DH67CF so I just could use my PC but still have second bricked mobo I would really like to be functional.


      Thanks for any help.

      [BIOS recovery is not working, anyway the website says you cannot downgrade back to 132. BUT why it doesn't say that OLDER REVISION SHOULDN'T BE UPDATED?! ]