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    DX58SO three long beeps after BIOS upgrade


      Following suggestions I upgraded my DX58SO motherboard's BIOS to the latest from the original 2009 version (july) to the latest (2012). It prepared and flashed all the images without errors and indicated the flashing was successful and that I needed to reboot.


      After reboot the system just won´t boot anymore! I get three long beeps and the screen remains black so there is no way to enter the BIOS settings to reflash it (if that was a problem) or anything. It has 3 identical 2GB DDR3 memory modules.


      What can I do? Did I end up with an expensive paper weight?

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          I was illuminated and found out I could put a single DIMM in channel C. The first DIMM, the one that was originally in that same slot caused the boot to beep 3 times, same problem so it must be kaputt.


          I removed that DIMM and installed the 2nd one in that C channel and that one worked. I now have to test the 3rd DIMM by itself and see what happens.


          So far it seems one is damaged but all the prior memory tests over the 6GB range revealed no errors.


          Am I to assume that in triple channel mode if one DIMM gets damaged then the whole system is inoperative?that is what I have observed.


          The problem is, will I be able to find a matching 2GB DIMM (OCZ1P1333LVG2) or will I have to buy another triple pack?

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            Confirmed, the 3 long beeps indicates a memory failure, either one of them or there is none present. In my case one (the one at the lowest address range) was damaged.


            The problem is... I can't find PC3-10666 locally to buy the missing one, there is only PC3-10600