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    Single DIMM in DX58SO motherboard (test memory modules)


      My motherboard (Intel DX58SO) crapped out after a successful BIOS upgrade. The upgrade went fine and after I rebooted I got a black screen and an endless sequence of three (3) long beeps. This indicates -according to Intel docs-  a memory error.


      My mobo has three identical 1333 DDR3 modules (triple channel pack) of 2GB each on each of the blue memory slots. Since the beep code indicates a memory problem (they tested fine before) the troubleshooting guides suggest booting with a single memory module at a time to determine which one -if any- is at fault.


      Now, this being a tripple channel system, is it possible to boot it with a single 2GB memory module so that I can test each of the three (they are identical) ? Nothing seems to suggest I can do that by placing it on the black slot or in the first blue slot.


      My whole system is in coma and this is costing me dearly. Hope somebody gives some useful help as I am tempted to jump feet first on that board!