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    System random freeze on E3-1225

    Steven K

      I have a system with E3-1225 running Linux (> kernel-3.4), it random freeze every few days, or even several times in one day. The only log I got is as following:


      CPU 3: Machine Check Exception: 5 Bank 4: b200000011000402

      RIP !INEXACT! 10:<ffffffff8103de46> {native_safe_halt+0x6/0x10}

      TSC 161319a22f68a

      PROCESSOR 0:206a7 TIME 1341674682 SOCKET 0 APIC 6 microcode 28


      After decoded, it's:


      Hardware event. This is not a software error.

      CPU 3 BANK 4 TSC 161319a22f68a

      RIP !INEXACT! 10:ffffffff8103de46

      TIME 1341674682 Sat Jul  7 23:24:42 2012

      MCG status:RIPV MCIP

      MCi status:

      Uncorrected error

      Error enabled

      Processor context corrupt

      MCA: Internal unclassified error: 402

      PCU: No error <24:11>


      STATUS b200000011000402 MCGSTATUS 5

      CPUID Vendor Intel Family 6 Model 42

      RIP: native_safe_halt+0x6/0x10}

      SOCKET 0 APIC 6 microcode 28


      What does this mean? Is there any know issue exist about this?