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    Warranty Cover if purchased from another country.


      My apologies if this not the place for this question but I've been looking on the Intel site for a while now and I cannot find a means to contact Intel as a Home consumer.


      What I'd like to know is:


           I live in the UK and I'd like to know if I am still covered under warranty if i purchased a product from another country.  For example if I bought an Intel 3770k Retail Boxed from Germany, am I still covered under warranty in the UK?  Will I be able to get support in the UK?  If the product is faulty can I get it repaired/replaced in the UK?  If i wanted to purchase overclocking insurance, can I?


      With regards to the above questions, how can I contact Intel to confirm the information?  I've been on the Contact Us page and it seems to only cater for Corporate only or I have to submit a Technical Query so I can see no means to pose my question.