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    Intel Board DZ68BC & Intel Core i7-3770 on BIOS 0035


      For starters the BIOS 0035 is faulty, I initially had Intel Core i5-2500K when i fast updated to BIOS 0035 months ago just the day it come out and if seemed to sho 5.9GHz on turbo boost in BIOS which i come to realize it was just a figure dint have any bad effect coz in windows the 2500K was just showing normal speeds of 3.3GHz and a Turbo to 3.7GHz, so generally it worked just fine it dint brick performance coz my memory were running at 1600MHz, and i dint feel the need to overclock the 2500K tho the functions worked when i tried them.


      Now the DZ68BC with my new i7-3770, the processor works all info displayed in BIOS seem to be correct, BUT i have noticed something odd which i highly think is one of many flaws on BIOS 0035.

      THE FLAW is when i power up the computer, it turns on for like 3-5 sec with no display then goes off by it self then turns on again booting up with display/post and and works fine after that, This happens only on initial boot, so its like this when i shut down and switch off main power from PSU or wall socket then i turn it on it does the above, but afterwords when maybe i restart it, it works normally.


      Any Intel rep please explain and forward the issue so it can be fixed in the next BIOS and hopefully its Visual BIOS that will be released.


      NOTE i have a new Seasonic X-660 PSU that worked Great with the 2500K and even tested a 2600K in my rig with the same PSU recently.

      Issue has nothing to do with Power Supply Unit whatsoever.


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          I can relate to what you are saying. My situation is same board/processor, and occasionally seeing the board exhibit the issue you describe. However when it does that, the boards will not boot again until I reset the bios.  memory/PSU issues have been ruled out;


          My impression (and it is just an impression), is the the board exhibits this brief cycle if it detects a CPU or possibly memory change. Whilst troubleshooting my rig I made many such changes and observed the short cycle on the first boot immediately following many of them. I now have the i7-3770 and my preferred memory config permanently installed and have not changed that for about 10 days.


          The situation that I find myself in now, is that very occasionally the board will do the short power up and then fail to initialise after that stopping at post 15h / repeated triple beeps for a long time and then sometimes power cycles but returns to the same state.). That continues until I reset the BIOS to defaults (which it was VERY close to anyway).


          At least in your issue, you do not have to do anything to recover the system.

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            Nice i talked to Intel rep today, they said they will forward the issue to tech, so it may be fixed in next BIOS, plus i experienced something similar to your situation if not identical but I just turned of the PC for like 2 mini then back on and it was booting same way as the post i made above, i haven't reset bios so far

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              Hey all i contacted Intel through chat like 2 days ago and today they replied with a procedure, i highly think it works i will let you all know coz i have already performed the first 2 steps successfully and the 3rd step is currently in progress remaining like 50min, tho i can say i think the procedure worked even before it the bios recovery using bio initiated coz what happened is i started the procedure and when i turned on the computer recovery kiked in and i think it recovered the present bios first coz it stayed on for like 1min then started to restart then i just switched it off to try the process again when i switch back on it booted with no hitches in the first post, and went into bios recovery did the whole thing and prompted me to shut down and replace the jumper so i did switched on and it went on like a normal PC then into BIOS and loaded default then saved and shut down removed unit from power and then removed CMOS battery and now here I am on my laptop typing this, will report back after like 3 hours if it works or not but in 3hours coz i am leaving the house and will be back by then


              Here is the email sent by Intel support to me


              Hello Stephen,


              Thank you for contacting Intel Customer Support.


              I understand you are having issue with the DZ68BC motherboard and the i7-3770 processor.


              I would like to perform some additional troubleshooting steps on the system to see if we can fix this issue:

              1)      I would like to perform a BIOS recovery to the same BIOS 0035 version.  You can get BIOS from the following link: http://downloadcenter.intel.com/Detail_Desc.aspx?agr=Y&DwnldID=21195&ProdId=3381&lang=eng&OSVersion=%0A&DownloadType=BIOS. You can install that BIOS by following the steps that are on the following link: http://download.intel.com/support/motherboards/desktop/sb/recoverybiosupdateinstructions.pdf

              2)      I would like to load BIOS defaults.  When you are in the BIOS you can press F9, in the confirmation select “yes”, then press F10, and in the confirmation select “yes”.

              3)      I would like to leave the computer completely disconnected from the power and to remove the CMOS battery for at least one hour.


              I will forward this information to the appropriate support group so; they can take in consideration the issue you are reporting.


              Important note: Should you need further assistance from us regarding your inquiry, we would highly appreciate if you could simply reply to this email of ours, instead of sending a brand new email, unless it is a different issue/inquiry.  Thus, we will be avoiding duplicate incoming emails, and we will not lose track of the email thread.




              Fred D.

              Intel Technical Support

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                The procedure given by the Intel tech worked so the computer boots normally now. BUT as you all know the BIOS 0035 is faulty.


                The thing is for me it doesn't mess with overclocking settings, the settings work just fine but the BIOS now displays a overridden turbo boost of 4.30GHz and the processors turbo boost is 3.90GHz any way as i to realize while using my previous i5-2500K which the turbo was overridden to 5.9GHz which was just a figure it worked at its normal rating which was 3.7GHz so even the i7-3770 is just working correctly despite the wrong value displayed in the BIOS turbo boost section. so the motherboard now works correctly boots normally, and i have selected my XMP Profile 1600MHz and works correctly.


                TO INTEL FIX THIS Faulty BIOS 0035 and the fix better be VISUAL BIOS

                0035 BIOS is still faulty for those not using Ivy Bridge processors stay away from it i use it coz i have to.


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                  Thanks for the updates.


                  I had tried all of this a while back (including a more detailed bios update procedure), and the state that I described in my post above is the most stable that I have reached so far.


                  My initial contact to Intel only really confirmed what I had already done, and I have not been in a position to follow up until now.


                  I home that things are stable for you now (but from what I understood from your original post, you were not too far from that before hand - your board was failing initialization on first boot after power was applied and reliably soft booting after that was it not?)

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                    After several encoding tests it appears that the overridden turbo boost to 4.30GHz from the original 3.90GHz applies when i am encoding while monitoring CPU speed using CPU-Z it shows all cores running at 4.0GHz or at times 4.1GHz so unlike Sandy Bridge CPUs where this turbo boost overridden values were obsolete the dint do anything in Sandy Bridge using the 0035 BIOS.


                    I did not set the value it just appeared after BIOS recovery, what if i want to return it to 3.9GHz turbo boost which is the original, what should i do i dont know how even tho the 4.3GHz turbo boost works just fine the fact is i did not set it there, and would like to set it back to original even tho temperatures are OK while using stock cooler

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                      Maybe it depends with motherboard version mine is AAG30742-402

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                        Hi all



                        I have a more serious problem: I've updated the BIOS to 0035 version when I
                        was still having the 2500k.



                        I've replaced the processor with a 3570k and it worked fine, BIOS recognized
                        my processor (except the "Performance" section, where I couldn't find
                        any option for overclock). Booted into Windows and loaded Prime 95 and
                        monitored the temperatures, which were OK (max. 58 degree). CPU-Z however said
                        that the CPU is running at 3,6 GHz, which was a little odd, since the i5 3570k
                        has 3,4 GHz in default and 3,8 GHz with TurboBoost.



                        On Intel web page I found out that I needed to re-install the BIOS after the
                        replacement of the CPU with a new type, so I did it, using the F7 option and an
                        USB stick.



                        After the install, the computer booted, but almost immediately it gave me
                        three beeps and restarted. Again, three beeps and restarted. At the third
                        restart, the board is just given me the three beeps, pause, three beeps, pause
                        and so on until I shut it down. Also, besides the three beeps the board post
                        the 46 error code, which is something related to the processor.



                        I haven’t been able to start my computer. I tried the back-to-bios button,
                        remove/replace the jumper, removed the battery for about one and a half hour –



                        In troubleshooting they say that this code is given mainly by three causes:
                        the board does not support the processor (but mine did, until I re-installed
                        the BIOS), the BIOS do not support the processor (maybe something went wrong
                        with the last installation?) or the CPU is not properly installed (the board
                        recognized the processor at first boot, but who knows…..I will try to install
                        the CPU again, maybe it’s a faulty connection / contact).



                        If this works, then I can say that it’s relatively OK (until a new BIOS
                        release). If not……



                        Anyway, very disappointed by this board and by Intel’s support (no fix in
                        over three months ??).



                        It is my first and surely my last Intel board I bought. 

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                          After i realized the problem i had above i thought of doing the steps given above but i decided to contact Intel first coz frankly i thought of running the bios through the F7, but as instructions above indicate and is what i did after reading instructions given i ran it in recovery mode. and i highly suspect its something to do with board version


                          as i indicated above my DZ68BC is G30742-402 which i believe is version 2 bought it April 4th, and oh this BIOS is Faulty I'll keep saying it tho my Motherboard has been working with all functions available apart from the turbo being overridden in both instances (when i had i5-2500K it was overridden to 5.9GHz tho it had no effect no the i7-3770 it has been overridden after BIOS recovery to 4.3GHz and it is actually active in windows) initially when i installed the i7-3770 is displayed all the correct values but i had the power on issue which i dont have any more. and recovery using the method above brought performance increase without me my conceit. Oh well at list mine has been working and is still working for now hope fully it will never stop working as long as i am using it. Oh and it has always been stable despite the crappy BIOS 0035

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                            0036 has resolved the overridden turbo boost and all overclocking features are working for me, even displays the correct turbo boost values. now i can adjust the multiplier so overclocking is back.