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    no signal before or after booting


      Hi all

      I'm new here (I'm italian, excuse me for my bad english) and I just bought a new pc :


      Intel quad core i5 3450 3.1 GHz socket 1155 Ivy Bridge

      mobo AsRock H77 PRO4/MVP

      psu XFX Pro 550W

      8gb ram Corsair Vengeance LP

      HD WesternDigital Caviar Blue 500gb

      Samsung DVD

      win home premium 7 64 bit


      Monitor: Dell U2412M 24'' 16:10 1920x1200px


      I attached the monitor via dvi cable and I'm using the integrated graphic card (Intel HD2500)


      My problem: yesterday, when I turn on the pc, after booting (after windows 7 logo ) I got the message ''enter power save mode" on my screen and then it entered in sleepmode because there isn't signal ...my pc is new (I've got it from 5 days) ...also my monitor is new


      If I attach the vga (analogic) cable, there is signal and the pc works fine ...there is signal also with dvi cable in safe mode (F8)


      I tried to boot another pc (with windows XP) to my screen with the DVI cable and it worked perfectly ...so I do not think it's a problem of DVI cable or a problem of the monitor




      But If I attach a dedicated video card (I have a Radeon HD 5450) and if I leave the DVI cable attached to dvi output of the integrated video card (Intel HD2500) now there is signal after booting, but there is no signal during booting (till windows logo) ...the opposite!!



      What is the problem? I think it's a HD2500 problem

      ps I installed the latest drivers of Intel HD2500 (version


      pps if I use DVI cable with a dedicated video card (HD 5450) there aren't problems, so I think I'll use this card (or another dedicated vga) because I spent 48 hours in front of the PC in vai and I think it's a Intel graphic problem ...what do you think? I want to understand what's the problem, if the problem is from the integrated video card HD2500 ...and if this problem can cause others problems


      Thank you in advance for your replies and I hope I can clarify this!



      Kind regards