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    DX79TO problem with the raid card pci-e





        Has a problem with DX79TO, no RAID card available to me is not working properly, I tested the LSI 1064 (PCI-Ex4) SATA, LSI 1068 (PCI-Ex8) SAS, in each of these cards is disabled RAID Properties option, you can set up something of the matrix RAID by installing these cards are any other desktop or server boards running the card without any problem. To test the RAID card borrowed HP P410/512 RAM, raid but it could create everything, the installation of the system was very long, when you first start the system crash, tested on MS Windows 7, and Debian 6.0. I installed the latest BIOS, to no avail, asking for help, this is defective boards? or are there any counter indications for the use of RAID cards? Thank you and best regards.


      Intel® RAID Controller SASUC8I

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      PS. Sorry for my English