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      I have a problem.

      I installed Win7*64 on my motherboard D2700MUD.

      Everething is OK but i dont gave any video drivers. They are only for Win7*32.

      Can you help me?

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          Windows 7 - (64-bit) is not a supported operating system for the D2700MUD. There is no driver available.



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            I purchased a d2700dc motherboard, expecting full 64-bit support - as implied by this website.



            Are there opportunities for refunds? This system does not come close to fulfilling the reasonable expectation I have for a 64-bit system. If refunds are not possible, I see no reason that civil action shouldn't take place in response to this clear attempt to deceitfully market this product.


            Thank you

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              You need to read all the page your linked to because in the text near the bottom it reads "64-bit computing on Intel® architecture requires a computer system with a processor, chipset, BIOS, operating system, device drivers and applications enabled for Intel® 64 architecture."


              I see no claims anywhere that x64 OSs are supported on this board (as opposed to the CPU being x64 capable).


              Why not simply use a 32 bit OS?

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                I planned to use this for windows server line of products (e.g. windows home server 2011) which are 64-bit only products.


                Although we see no explicit claims of 64-bit graphics drivers, i find this miss-leading nonetheless. I fully expect Intel to respond to this issue and treat their customers with respect.

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                  I think you'd have a hard time proving they wanted to mislead people over this boards OS compatibility as the OS compatibility chart that nails linked to earlier is quite clear in this regard and that doesn't even list 32 bit server OS's. If you want to run a server OS on such a PC, you could still 'try' Windows Server 2003 - although Intel doesn't provide server OS drivers for desktop boards but you may find XP drivers get you by - that *may* work.


                  As far as getting a response from Intel, good luck but I think you'd be better off writing to them directly. Although their technical people do sometimes reply to posts here, it's not usually regarding complaints about OS compatibility. If you wanted to try for a refund, it'd be worth getting in touch with the seller. If you're also looking to spend more on a replacement, there may be extra money for them to make on the deal. Good luck with your research to find such a suitable mini-ITX Atom CPU based board with full x64 server driver support - I suspect you'll need it!