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    DX58OG & Core I7-960 Thermal Throttling for Apparently No Reason


      Greetings All,


      I am running into a bizarre issue with the motherboard/processor combination listed in the topic of this discussion line.  All of the hardware settings are set at stock speeds, no overclocking here, and I am running on the latest BIOS version 0888.


      After running stress tests in the Intel Extreme Tuning Utility, it keeps listing the processor as 'failed from thermal throttling,' and there seems to be no reason as to why thermal throttling is being turned on.  I have a good readout of all the temperatures and everything looks fine, and I have a nice little video to illustrate this:


      i7-960/DX58OG Thermal Throttling @ Stock - YouTube


      I ran the XTU in just a monitoring mode while letting Prime95 take the lead on the stress testing, and I have CPUID to show all the processor's stats and RealTemp to show the TJunction temps.  The rest of the temps also show up in the XTU.


      Skip in 45 seconds to see the first hint at thermal throttling, then skip in 2 minutes to see the extreme thermal throttling taking it's toll on the processor's speed.  The graph shows thermal throttling all over the place.


      I'd like to hear from anyone on this that might have some insights, as the conditions that set in thermal throttling are certainly not present here.