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    Dual-Link settings for RES2SV240


      Hello,  I'm trying to figure out how to enable dual-link (or link aggregation) for this expander. I'm using it in tandem with a LSI 9265-8i.   I have one connection going from the 9265 to the expander on ports 0-3 and the other on ports 4-8.


      the document http://download.intel.com/support/motherboards/server/sb/e93121003_res2sv240_hwug.pdf does not specify how to enable dual link for expanded bandwidth.  the LSI manager only shows connectivity on ports 0-3



      any advice would be appreciated.

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          You can think of the RES2SV240 as an expander backplane in the form of an adapter card. The RES2SV240 only uses the PCI Express* connector for power (with only power pins connected). You can choose not to plug it in if you supply power from its RA 4-pin power connector.


          The RES2SV240 doesn't have any configuration. Either 4 inputs and 20 outputs, or 8 inputs and 16 outputs.


          The connected RAID controller configuration utility will be the extent of RAID "system-wide" configuration.


          The LSI 9265-8i has been tested with the RES2SV240 so it should work in the 8 inputs and 16 outputs mode, if that's what you're looking for.




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            Thanks John,


            The MegaRaid software only seems to show a connection to the expander using port 0-3.  I've heard with the HP raid expander that the last two SFF-8087 ports.  I was curious if the intel card had the same restriction.



            Thanks again for the info,