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    Using NIC2 for BMC/IPMI on a S1200BTLR




      I bought a S1200BTLR recently, and I'm trying to use NIC2 for BMC/IPMI traffic. According to the manual I need to "use the ―Write LAN Channel Port OEM IPMI command", but I have no idea how .


      Google only returned this thread: Can I access BMC through NIC 2 in a S5520UR?


      If i use the command mentioned in the last post the result is:


      ipmiutil ver 2.84

      icmd ver 2.84

      This is a test tool to compose IPMI commands.

      Do not use without knowledge of the IPMI specification.

      Opening lan connection to node wopr-bmc ...

      Connecting to node wopr-bmc

      -- BMC version 1.13, IPMI version 2.0

      ipmi_cmd: ret = 0, ccode d4 Cannot execute command. Insufficient privilege level

      send_icmd ret = 0

      ipmiutil cmd, completed successfully


      I'm using user root, which has full administrative rights to the bmc. How can I change the BMC/IPMI to NIC2?s1200