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      Hi all,

      My system configuration is as follows:
      DH61WW mother board with Intel Core i-3 2100 processor,2GB RAM,500 GB HDD.OS is Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit.BIOS version is BEH6110H.86A.0035.2012.0112.2206.Board version number is AAG23116-203.

      My problem is that,when I switch on my system for the first time in a day it boots up and works well.But,if at all i shut down the system and try to boot it again,it does not boots up.The monitor will show "no signal" and even the BIOS do not loads. Even if this 'no signal' appears,the processor fan,SMPS fan,mother board LED,HDD LED everything work.

      But,after 3 or 4 hours,if i try again to boot up,it works!!

      Seems that it needs a 3-4 hour gap between each shut down and re-boot.
      I have tried re-installing windows.But it didnt help.

      The worst part is that I cant even update BIOS.When i try updating BIOS,as it needs re-boot,the system do not re-boots. :-(
      So I cant update BIOS.
      Any one,please help me.