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    i7 3820 pci-e 3.0 support


      the last 2 days ive read a lot of reviews on the i7 3820 and all had 2 different views as to whether the i7 3820 actually supported pci-e 3.0,intel and ivy bridge users said no but guru3d and anandtech reviews said yes but i have the definitive answer,regardless of what people say "pci-e3.0 does work with the Intel i7 3820 ".

      My system:-

      Asus rampage formula bf3 2011 m/b

      i7 3820

      Asus 7970 directcu


      Simple test,open gpuz then run a game(i used f1 2011),allow the game to run for a few seconds then force game in to windowed mode then look at pci-e lane details in gpuz it should show under bus interface pci-e@3.0 for a second then switch to 2.0 then 1.1 for power saving proving with out doubt that despite what the ivy bridge fan boys say and everyone else the i7 3820 works with pci-e 3.0