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    DZ77GA-70K - Issue with Keyboard and Mouse on boot?


      I have a DZ77GA-70K motherboard.  My primary drive is an SSD, my secondary is non-SSD.  I

      also have an external, non-SSD drive.


      The latest BIOS is installed (0045), though my issue has been happening regardless of the



      I have a 750-watt Gold 'certified' power supply.


      I have a Steel Series XAI laser mouse and a Razer BlackWidow Ultimate keyboard connected to

      this motherboard.  They are both connected to USB 3.0 ports.


      When I start up or reboot, windows presents me with the login window.  However, I have to wait 15-20 seconds for the

      mouse and keyboard to kick in (like they go through an initialization process). 


      I do not have USB ports disabled on startup in the bios.


      Other items of note:

      in BIOS:

      -USB legacy is disabled

      -Fast Boot options that are enabled are:

      -General Optimizations

      -Video Optimization


      -USB Optimization is disabled (because if it were, the USB devices are not supposed to be

      available until after the OS Boot.  The system is acting like this, however.).

      -USB Boot is disabled because I don't need to boot from a USB Device...


      So, anybody have this issue, and/or have any suggestions for me?


      Thanks, I appreciate it the help!

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          I doubt the BIOS supports USB3 before the operating system loads the drivers.  Do you get the same issue using USB 2?


          Which USB3 ports are using?  Some are provided by a separate Renesys chip which I'm pretty certain will only come to life once Windows loads drivers for it.





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            I was using the back USB 3.0 ports, but you jogged my thought process.  Read on...


            Okay, so I wasn't even thinking that these devices were 'legacy'.  But I guess legacy now means anything before 3.0.  Used to be 1.x, remember?


            Anyway, I switched the mouse and keyboard to the USB 2.0 ports and removed all other connected USB devices for testing purposes.


            I also enabled USB legacy in the BIOS.


            Still a problem, but the keyboard seemed more responsive.

            So I removed the SteelSeries USB 2.0 mouse and replaced it with an old Logitech 2.0 mouse.


            Sure enough, it worked: On boot up when I got to my login screen, both the logitech mouse and keyboard were immediately responsive.  Boots from Win 7 splash screen to responsive desktop (including me typing a longish password) like within 10 seconds!


            Added the other USB devices, tested from cold boot, then a reboot and everything was still good.

            Problem is, I like my SteelSeries USB 2.0 mouse which is a bummer.  However, the mouse is not really needed at boot up - so the same boot up time is kicking in now - good deal!  With the keyboard and mouse now connected to USB 2.0 ports and USB legacy enabled - I'm happy.


            PS: The keyboard and mouse would always be responsive when going into the BIOS no matter what setup I had;  this is what was tripping me up in the past (in my mind)...




            This motherboard is still kind of wonky though.  Cold Boot startup times and Reboot Startup times are different, and I swear the Cold Boots are quicker.  Hopefully they can straighten it out with a new BIOS update.

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              More info:


              It turns out that the SteelSeries XAI USB 2.0 mouse has issues on boot up with certain motherboards.  The 'fastest' and first workaround listed on their site says to disconnect it on boot and reconnect after boot (ridiculous!).


              Other troubleshooting steps include:


              Check for the following In the BIOS:


              1. S3 Stand by type is allowed if you have standby enabled.  I don't even think you can disable this in the BIOS.

              (heck, I cannot even turn the blinking light off after switching it off in the BIOS.  I guess it's on...)

              2. USB speed is at Full Speed (12MBPS).  Again, there is no option to see or change this in the BIOS.

              3. USB devices are allowed to wake the computer from standby. Understood.

              4. Toggle legacy USB support (opposite of whatever the setting is, currently). Okay...a little voodoo - why would I toggle it one way or the other?  Guess I'll just do it...

              5. Under boot priority or boot devices, remove any USB boot devices from these menus.  Understood, but nothing applies to me here.

              6. If these steps don't help, unplug the mouse and plug in a USB flash drive (USB stick), if you have one.  Try booting with it plugged in. Please explain.  Are we testing general USB connectivity at boot, or do we now need a USB stick in the drive for my mouse to boot properly?


              As you can tell, I'm kind of ripped at SteelSeries and their troubleshooting steps that come straight from the Psychic Network - not Intel.


              Bottom Line, the answer is to get a different mouse than this model if you don't want boot delays.