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    Windows 8 efi boot on macbook pro


      An EFI expert can answer this in his sleep. I can't find information on EFI anywhere to get this done:



      Initially Windows 8 gets installed on late 2011 macbook pro just fine.

      After the first reboot, the VGA display needs to be enabled through efi otherwise it stays blank and installation never completes.

      There are lengthy discussions on the web on how to enable VGA thorough efi. No discrete method listed. All trial and error.

      There are two things required:

      1.Setting register 3E on PCI Bridge controlling the integrated graphics to "8" to enable VGA.

      2. Setting register 04 on integrated graphics card  to "7" to enable I/O access and set Bus Master.

      I am familiar with mm and pci commands but it is very difficult to decrypt the output and where to look for the required information.

      The pci -i list all the devices. It also lists the VGA cards. How do I know which PCI bridge is given card on?
      So that I can go and change register 3E on that PCI bridge.