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    Screen rotation disabled on HD 4000


      rtraintI just received my HP Envy 17t 3200 CTO;

      the Intel Graphics and Media Control Panel does not have an option for screen rotation

      The AMD Radeon CCC panel has it greyed out at well.


      Win7 Pro 64bit i7-3610qm 16gb

      Intel HD 4000 (8.951.9.1000)

      Radeon HD 7850M  (8.951.9.1000) CCC version 2012.0326.310.3601

      All Video drivers are current, I updated everything today


      I read on another thread to regedit 


      Display1_RotationCaps from the right Side and set to 1

      DV7t with Radeon HD 6770M - Can't rotate display - Page 2 - HP Support Forum

      That did not work for me, the entry for Display1_RotationCaps  also fell under

      \0001 for me. I also tried to edit Display2_RotationCaps, Display1_PortraitMode

      and Display2_PortraitMode in various reboots and configurations. No luck on any

      of these. I even created Display2_PortraitMode as it was not there


      I tried removing both drivers and installing older versions, but this seems to be limited to just the intel drivers now.

      I tried using the Drivers from Intel and HP, both have this option disabled.


      Does anyone know of a work around for this? A fix? Mod?