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    Intel D510MO Desktop Board - Wireless Activity LED?




      I'm new to the forums.


      I have a question about the Intel D510MO desktop board (applies to the D525, too). There is a "front panel wireless activity LED header" on the board (see here: http://downloadmirror.intel.com/18357/eng/D510MO_QuickRef02.pdf number 10). I am quite confused about this since the D510 board (and the D525, too) has no wireless port - no Wifi, no bluetooth, no infrared. What is this LED header for?


      Since I use this board to run a small home file server, I want to see the network activity of my onboard (wired) LAN port. My case (Chenbro ES34169) has a built-in LED for showing network activity but the D510 has no header for showing LAN activity. Is it somehow possible to show the LAN activity of the board - maybe by using this wireless activity LED header and changing some settings somewhere? Or is it possbile to show the LAN activity on another way? I dont want to solder the LED wires to the board and I dont want to buy a seperate LAN PCI card.


      Thank you in advance for your answers!

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          I have found a way to indicate the network activity via the LED.


          I had the idea that I could use the parallel port pins for that. So I played a bit with this and I got a little program to run, which sets or resets a single pin of the parallel port. After that I wrote a small bash script, which parses /proc/net/dev and watches for changes in received and transmitted packets. If there are changes, the bash script calls the program which sets the specific pin on the parallel port (the LED) and resets it after 0.05 seconds. Result: a flashing LED.


          Works fine.


          I just managed to connect the other two free LEDs (LAN port 2 activity and system failure) to the parallel port. I'll see how I'll use them.