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    Turning Off Power Management on DG35EC Motherboard


      Good Morning


      I'm trying to turn off the Power Management on 2 new HP PC's with DG35EC Motherboards.  I have disabled everything I can find in WinXP Pro SP3 and the only thing left is the Setup to look at.  In the BIOS settings I have looked at the POWER tab and under that I have looked at the

      Runtime Power Management set to Disabled

      Idle Power Savings set to Normal

      ACPI S3 HDD Reset to Disabled

      ACPI S3 PS@mouse wake up to Enabled

      USB Wake on device insertion set to disabled

      Unique sleep state Blink rates set to Disabled


      I need these 2 PC to run 24/7 without going into power down, sleep, hibernate or whatever its doing.  I have looked for manuals online to find the BIOS settings and what they do and have not been successful finding one.  I have called HP support and sorry, their helpdesk really sucks.  No help there.


      Can anyone help me keep these online 24/7 without someone constantly moving the mouse once every 15 minutes?