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    LGA 2011 : 3930 VS LGA 1155 : 3770 : Lightroom & Photoshop

    Sylvain FASEL

      I would like to know which platform is best for Photoshop & Lightroom [mainly] - Premiere & AfterEffect [also].


      Common configuration:

      32gb of RAM 1600MHz

      2x SSD in RAID 0 - Samsung 830 256gb

      Nvidia GTX 670


      What will work best:

      LGA 2011 X79 with 3930 as the processor


      LGA 1155 Z77 with 3770 as the processor


      Best frequency but 2 core less is better???


      speed of import / export is not the most important to me!

      what matters the most to me is the speed at which:

      • photos will be rendered in 1:1
      • changes/ajustement  apply on photos



      performance for :

      • Panorama
      • HDR


      I work with Logitech G13, should I apply changes very quickly.

      Logitech G13 with Lightroom & Photoshop To Cut Editing Time Down - YouTube

      Only working with RAW files from Nikon D3s D700 & Soon D800 (70mo)