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    HD 2000 integrated graphics not working when driver installed

    Ignasi Lupon

      I open a new thread with the theme not working when integrated graphics driver installed, after having this problem and found at least three threads with exactly the same problem without any solution that Intel provides:

      http://communities.intel.com/message/141258 # 141258

      http://communities.intel.com/message/147428 # 147428

      http://communities.intel.com/message/84621 # 84621

      I build small Pc's, I have material strength and extensive testing I could do about it. I explain the situation:

      Recently I tried a Dell P190 monitor, with motherboard Intel DH61AG with DVI-DVI cable. The problem is described in the forums:

      1. Display BIOS: OK

      2. Windows logo OK

      3. Black screen: Digital Input: no signal.

      That is, the digital video signal is lost while loading the driver. If you boot the PC in safe mode, the digital signal reaches no problem going to monitor. If  loading drivers one by one, the digital signal reaches to load the display driver.

      Analysis of variables:

      - Maybe the monitor?

      - The Dell P190 plays no problem in digital signal from another PC with ATI graphics

      - The Dell P190 reproduced digital signal without any problem while install the Operating System until the driver is installed 

      Conclusion: Is not the monitor

      It can be the cable?

      With DVI-DVI cable with another PC, no problem

      The same plate and driver, a TV with HDMI cable, no problem

      With DVI-VGA cable (analog), no problem

      Conclusion: Is  not the cable

      Maybe the motherboard?

      The same motherboard connected to TV HDMI, no problem

      The motherboard itself is connected to another monitor (Belinea 20.1 ") with DVI, no problem

      Conclusion: It is not the motherboard

      I tested with and W7x32 W7x64: Always the same problem

      I updated the BIOS: Always the same problema

      Conclusion: There is a certain incompatibility between the software (driver) and a feature that does not know for certain monitors. We know Dell P190, Viewsonic LCD monitor, Samsung DVI monitor, Zalman heritage 22 "Viewsonic VA-912, Viewsonic VX2035wm, HP 2509m and another that is sure to leave me.

      perhaps too many monitors to Intel fails to respond...