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    Intel HD 4000 HDMI 2560x1440 resolution???


      I recently bought ASUS Zenbook Prime UX31A with "Intel GMA HD 4000 ".


      Is it possible to get a resolution of 2560x1400 on my external DELL monitor? (Monitor supports the resolution)


      I tried in the Intel Graphicoptions to add a manual resolution, but I get an error

      "The user defined resolution excesses the maximum bandwith capacity"  (translated from german...)


      Maybe u guys have a solution.



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          The resolutions available on each video port are limited by the computer manufacturer.  I recommend getting in contact with ASUS in order to check if the video port supports or not that resolution.


          ASUS Contact information: http://support.asus.com/Hotlines.aspx?SLanguage=en



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            Intel graphics does not support dual-link, therefore 1920x1200 is the maximum for DVI and HDMI, 2560x1440 is only possible with a displayport port. This is stated in every specification sheet.

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              Philipp Schneeweiss



              I experience a similar problem with a Samsung 900X3C A07 Laptop, trying to operate an Asus PB278Q external screen via HDMI with 2560x1440, 60 Hz. Using the Intel Media and Graphics Control Panel, manual settings tab, the program prevents my to do these settings also claiming that it would exceed the maximum bandwidth (see crapme's post).


              The laptop has a Intel HD Graphics 4000 (Treiber-Version graphics adapter, the MicroHDMI-to-HDMI-cable claims to be capable of 4k by 4k resolutions and the screen is particularly advertised with making the full resolution over HDMI (it has HDMI v.1.4). Up to 1920x1080, 60Hz things work fine.


              How can the bandwidth limit be set by the manufacturer and where is that information saved (registry path)? The Intel Media and Graphics Control Panel must read this info from somewhere.


              Is there any way to operate my Asus screen with the above-mentioned 2560x1440, 60 Hz settings given the outlined hardware? Thanks in advance!

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                Hey Philipp, I would also like to know if it's possible to operate the PB278Q via HDMI at 2560x1440, 60Hz.  I just bought a sony vaio S 15.5 and am planning to buy that monitor in the future.  But before I do I wanted to know if it'll work as well.  I have heard hdmi only allows up to 1080p for wqhd monitors.  But seeing as I don't have display port or dvi-D on my laptop I looked for a solution.

                I came across this forum at whirlpool.net.au


                and it looks like they found a solution.  Besides doing a custom resolution at 2560x1440 they also had to:

                1) get a hdmi v.1.4 category 2 cable,

                2) change the timing standard to cvt-rb

                3) and lower their refresh rates if it didin't work at 60Hz

                All this through either through the Nvidia Control panel or Intel Media and Graphics Control Panel.

                It seems like some got it to work.  I was wondering if what they did could work with you PB278Q or crapme's external dell monitor.

                Anyways if the your Samsung series 9 outputs at hdmi ver 1.3 or 1.4 and is category 2 at 340MHz it should be able to output 2560v1440 at 60hz to that monitor cause it should have enough bandwidth for it.


                Hope that helps and works.  Lemme know cause I really want to get that monitor too haha.

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                  You will be able to obtain 2560 x 1440 resolution from an Intel HD 4000 on-chip graphics and a HDMI port, but I very much doubt you'll get a 60Hz refresh rate via HDMI. I have achieved 2560 x 1440 on the Dell U2711 using a number of laptops with HDMI ports, but I never managed to get beyond a 35Hz refresh rate (perhaps because of my cable, not sure). To elaborate on yeaa24's instructions above:


                  1. Right click on the desktop.

                  2. Select "Graphics Properties".

                  3. Select the "Advanced Mode" radio button and click OK.

                  4. Click on "Display" and then "Custom Resolutions" in the left-hand pane.

                  5. Ensure the "Basic Settings" radio button is selected.

                  6. For the "Width" field, enter "2560".

                  7. For the "Height" field, enter "1440".

                  8. For the "Refresh Rate" field, enter "35".

                  9. Select "16" in the "Color Depth" dropdown.

                  10. Select "CVT-RB" for the "Timing Standard" dropdown.

                  11. Click on OK.


                  At this point you may have to restart your computer. You should then be able to select the newly added resolution (if it's not already selected). It should "just work" at 35Hz, you can experiment and try to go higher (the higher the refresh rate, the smoother animations/movement will be).


                  I must warn you, at 35Hz, movement (i.e. simply dragging a window around the screen) looks very choppy.


                  I've read all kinds of things about the new HDMI "High Speed" standard that supposedly supports the new 4K resolution, but I've yet to witness HDMI push more than 2560 x 1440 @ 35Hz (unfortunately). Not sure if it's because of the electronics/port in the Dell U2711, the HDMI electronics/port on laptops, the cable, or something else. I actually find it somewhat misleading that HDMI "High Speed" is being advertised as being able to push 4K and beyond.


                  After all the pain I've gone through trying to achieve resolutions higher than 1080p, I will now only buy equipment with DisplayPorts (or mini-DisplayPorts) or Thunderbolt, as these achieve 2560 x 1440 @ 60Hz simply by plugging them in (no need to mess around with custom resolutions etc). It really frustrates me as my choice of laptops is severely limited.


                  I long for the day that someone posts with "Hey! It was the cable all along!! Buy this HDMI cable from XYZ and you'll get 2560 x 1440 @ 60Hz!!!". One can only hope...

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                    What's the point at 16bit over 32bit? I suppose for gaming if you don't care...but for photography...32bit is a must.  Anyway, I ordered a display port cable for my Samsung series 7 laptop. We shall see. It arrives on Tuesday.

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                      Welp...not that 16=bit would have benefited me at all (photographic work), it didn't NOT work anyway.  BUT, the DisplayPort cable worked perfectly.  The Asus looks amazing.  I'm floored.

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                        hello all,


                        having sames issue with a MaxBook Air (with  Intel HD Graphics 4000 (512mo)) / IIyama XB2776QS display where I can not have 2560x1440 resolution with adaptor mini DisplayPort / DVI and cable DVI Dual Link.


                        the display is recognized by le Macbook, but propose only resolution: 1600x900, 1600x1200, 1920x1080 ...

                        Hello, voyant que ce sujet semble récurrent, je me permet de partager mon pb:


                        any idea?


                        thanks a lot,



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                          Hi zelaulau,


                          I recommend contacting Apple in order to check if they have validated the type of adapter you are using.

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                            THanks, i found the solution:

                            do not buy expensive adapter mini display port to hdmi, or dvi, or displayport- just buy a simple cable : mini displayport to displayport that cost less than 10€ on internet - and it works well.

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                              please, please, please release a new driver that will not cripple the adapter (HD 4000)

                              the newest driver has no way of adding custom resolution, it's a big disappointment.

                              and seriously why would any manufacture limit the HDMI connector bandwidth, it makes no sense at all.

                              the only thing that can limit the bandwidth is either Intel driver or firmware. nothing else.


                              How hard can it be for the great "Intel" to release a fix that will enable 2560x1600@60Hz.

                              you will have to do it anyways, as the world is shifting to HDMI. now supporting 4k resolutions.

                              so why not start sooner than later.


                              if Nvidia can do it, so can you.

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                                Umbrella, 2560x1600 is only validated through DisplayPort as it has been specified on the technical specifications for this video controller.

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                                  thank you for the useless comment, I think you are confusing Intel "Community" with Intel "Glossary".

                                  if i wanted a copy and paste answer I'd go the the local DMV branch.


                                  I'm well aware of your specified spec. If you had bothered reading my comment you would know that.


                                  I'm simply asking intel here to allocate a few hours of some software engineer to improve this driver.

                                  this is why we have this forum so intel can address its users concerns and suggestions.


                                  Guys, please like this comment if you want a new driver to support 2560x1600@60hz via HDMI.

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                                    Did anyone ever get this to work?  I just got a Yoga 13 with HD 4000 and my 30" Dell external monitor is crippled.


                                    Every time I try to add a custom resolution, it says it is over the bandwidth limitation.  This is the error even when adding lower Hz resolutions and lower res resolutions.  It takes 2560x1600@30Hz, but my Dell wants 60Hz. 


                                    This is less than ideal.

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