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    Does the Core i5-3470T support ECC ?


      I've got a Core i5-3470T processor, I got this as on the Ark.Intel specs it says it supports ECC.


      I have an ASRock Fatal1ty Z77 Professional-M motherboard, it supports ECC RAM, I have 2x4GB Kingston ECC DIMMs as in the supported memory list,

      The RAM works in my old LGA1156 based P55 motherboard also from ASRock


      But when I put the RAM in the Z77 board it refused to boot, error code says RAM not supported.

      If I put in non ECC RAM the motherboard boots happily.


      The ECC RAM is not supported by either the CPU or the motherboard, I'm leaning towards the CPU as the motherboard says it officially supports the exact ECC modules I have.


      Any help much appreciated.