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    Modular Server and Second Controller Issue

    Shawn Berg

      SO i added the second controller to my MFSYS25V2 modular server and am running into a peculiar issue. On CMs other than CM 1 (I have 3 total), when I look in Disk Management in Windows, it is showing a bunch of single 300GB drives that are offline. I have created my LUNs and VDs through the management console, installed 2008 R2 on all three hosts, and have been able to create about a dozen VMs. So everything seems to be working just fine, but why are the other 2 CMs showing these single drives in disk management? If I remove the second controller, they disappear.. Intel's MPIO IS installed all all three CMs.


      I only noticed this after attempting to connect a SAN via iSCSI to these 3 CMs.