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    Benchmark score is really really....really low on the i7-3930k processor. WHY?

    Mike Kaluski

      Hi! ( I hope this is in the right catagory )


      My processor is the i7-3930k.


      I have benchmarked my computer with 3dMark11. All scores scores seem low. Some of them I believe have nothing to do with the processor, but I know one does. That is the Physics Score. Over all, my latest score was (do not laugh please) P2615!!

      The break down is: Graphics 6268, Physics 849, Combined Score 1162.


      From my understanding, the Physics Score is from the processor. Why would this be so low? I have over clocked my computer with the GigaByte ET6 program a handfull of times just for benchmarking and to see how Fallout new Vegas looks. I never kept that going for more than 10 minutes. I never purposely changed the voltage; because I don't know I would be doing.


      Anyhow, if my Physics score is that LOW, does this mean there is a problem with my processor? This is a score with the default settings.


      Ever since I have had this processor since April, the benchmark has been in the mid upper 2000's. My old it-2720QM processor in my old laptop had better scores than this, twice over!!


      I do have the Performance Tuning Protection Plan when I bought the computer from CyberPowerPC.

      Scores on other benchmarks are good...not the best for what I have, but good.

      Any clues anyone?

      Thank you in advance everyone!!! =)

      Best regards,