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    Intel HD 4000 Graphics, errors when using MSAA (Multi sample anti aliasing)


      I'm currently using the HD 4000 graphics in my 3570k and have noticed that in certain directx(9?) games (though it might be all, it would be harder to see with some) that when I enable MSAA at any level, the text (and I assume also the whole image though it's not noticable) becomes blurred and glitchy.


      The issue is partially outlined here: Par for the Course: Part 1 | SemiAccurate (scroll down to the section about counter strike source) though they fail to mention about the blurry text in the options menu here is how it should look: http://www.hardwareheaven.com/articles/Source/Vid%20Advanced%20small.JPG they talk about the other glitch which is lines appearing around textures, non font text and other various things in games)



      Here are some pictures of my own illustrating the issue:


      Team Fortress 2, MSAA enabled (happens at all levels 2,4,8, though I was at 8x in this picture, note how the text at the top right is clear but the text in the console is blurred): http://i46.tinypic.com/2z57wa8.jpg When MSAA is disabled the problem goes away and the console looks like the Counter strike global offensive picture, though there is no FXAA option for this game so I can't play with any antialiasing due to this glitch.


      Counter Strike global offensive beta, No MSAA, FXAA enabled: http://i49.tinypic.com/2mmw04.jpg When MSAA is enabled in the game the same blurring as in the Team fortress 2 picture occurs.


      I am using the latest drivers for the HD 4000 so I am wondering if this is a known issue (and please don't tell me it's just me since I posted the semi accurate link showing it with somebody else) and if there is a driver update planned soon since the latest ones are from may 2012.


      One other thing worth noting is that in the game Runescape, the same problem occurs when using AA in DirectX mode but not in OpenGl (which either means the problem is to do with the way the HD 4000 handles MSAA in DirectX or the openGl AA in runescape is a different type)


      I'd appreciate an Intel response to this as I've spent quite some time researching the issue and at least I know what causes it now (I've noticed it for a week and only today found out that it was anti aliasing causing it)