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    DZ77BH-55k fast boot options not always working


      In the latest BIOS (version 0070) there are options for boot optimization including "general optimization", "USB optimization", "video optimization". I have all three enabled, but get eratic behavior from these features.


      If I start a boot in the morning, there is a moderately long boot time of about 1.5 minutes before windows starts to load and the Intel BIOS splash screen displays. (It is not supposed to display the splash screen according to the descriptions in the BIOS when optimizations are enabled). Then Windows boots very quickly (15 seconds) from my SSD.


      If I reboot, then it all happens very quickly (about 15 seconds) and no splash screen, just the expected text.


      If I fully shut down and then reboot, it also happens very quickly.


      It is only if the computer has been off for many hours, usually overnight, that the first boot is slow and shows the splash screen.


      Bizarre. Any explanations or helpful tips?


      I was hoping for a really fast boot up in the mornings.

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          Hello S

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            Probably a BIOS bug, an update of the BIOS is overdue on this board, hopefully we will get one soon.  For some reason the BIOS seems to be waiting for a device to respond before timing out from a cold boot.


            Do you still get the problems if the BIOS optimisations for faster booting are turned off?  It's not a huge difference with the optimisations off in terms of extra time boot time.


            I've got the video optimisations on and have noticed from a cold boot this setting is ignored.


            I never shutdown the PC, I always standby to memory, so the PC is immediately on when I need it.  Yes shutting down the PC fully is saving some standby power and is greener, however unless you disconnect the mains power the power-supply it is still supplying standby current so you are saving less than you might think.  Boot optimisations when using standby just don't matter when your PC is on in a couple of seconds





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              Thanks Phil for your thoughts. I may try your recommendation of timing a cold boot with and without the optimizations and see what I get.


              I do use sleep a lot, but turn off at night and cut the power with a power strip so no "vampire" power draw happening here.


              Lets hope for a new BIOS


              I also gave up of the defective USB 3.0 header and used a front panel to rear panel USB 3.0 solution seen here:




              Quite the motherboard. Will choose something else next time. Thanks again for your replies!

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                Did several tests over several days. Found out that for an absolute cold boot in the morning after power was completely off (at the power strip), boot time was 2:00 minutes to the Intel splash screen whether all three optimizations were ON or OFF. It did not matter at all. Also with the graphics optimization ON the splash screen still showed up on a cold boot even though it is not supposed to. Therefore for a cold boot these optimizations seem to do nothing.


                However, if I power the system down but keep the power connected to the power supply (via the power strip), the optimizations drop the reboot time (after a 1 hour wait) from 2:00 minutes to 0:11 seconds to the splash and 0:30 second to a full boot. Now that is fast, but it appears that I have to keep that power connected which means that it is probably drawing a bit of standby power even though the computer is OFF.

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                  Sounds like another BIOS bug in this board, hopefully we will get an update soon, although we are overdue some fixes, they aren't arriving very quickly.





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                    More testing shows that for me, leaving the power strip on to the back of my computer with the computer itself powered off does not even register any power draw on my watt-meter. It must be drawing a small trickle to keep the board "active" for the fast boot.


                    Retested the fast boot optimizations again and indeed they make no difference. The only thing that matters is keeping the power strip on and then the machine boots in 30 seconds versus 2:30 minutes.