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    SRT&BitLocker security question



      I am using an RST setup right now, and i would like to enable bitlocker encryption on the cached drive, whic is my system drive. Windows 7 says, that it is possible to enable bitlocker. I have 2 questions with this setup.

      1-Will my system work, if i enable bitlocker, while already using SRT (i use the enhanced mode btw, i don't know what the raid name is for that)

      2-If it works, then wil the the files on the SSD be encrypted? I guess that Bitlocker decryption is done in the RAM, but i have no idea how SRT works, wether if it uses the RAM, or the HDD to read&copy data onto the SSD

      Also, i don't mind if i have to set up SRT again, what matters is the security of all the data.

      MB: Gigabyte Z68X-UD3 (it's B3)

      Thanks in advance for your replies, all thoughts are welcome