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    HD4000 HDMI Audio output and analog audio




      I have connected a TV at the DVI connector of my HD4000 graphics and use audio over onboard analog audio ports (stereo). Also I have connected a receiver via HDMI. There I want to use HD-audio (5.1) over HDMI. The receiver is connected to the TV and a beamer. I only use the receiver, if I have video with great hd-sound.


      My Problem:

      In the audio-settings I only can select analog audio or hdmi-audio output as default output. But I want to use both: analog and digital via hdmi. I don't want to change this setting every time I use the one or the other display port.

      How can I activate both audio ports at the same time?


      My mainboard has a Z77 Express chipset. And the cpu is the Core i5-3570K. I use Win 7 x64 Home Pro with Windows Media Center.


      Thank you.