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      I have a non booting s1200btl which stops in  boot process with no display and following LED Status


      ID Blue LED = off         STATUS LED= Green then after about 1 minute flashing amber

      LEDS:   MSB  0101 1001 LSB




      On/Off front panel switch works

      Could someone please tell me what this means.


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          See the section on Intel® Light Guided Diagnostics in the S1200BT Technical Product Specification.




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            Hi John

            Thanks for the reply. I had previously checked Rev1 of the document and that LED combination was not in there.

            It is not in rev2 (much easier to understand) of the document to which you pointed either.

            XOXO OXXO

            Behavior is as follows:

            when AC is plugged into the server, cpu & chassis fan 4 run immediately and process stops at XOXO OXXO .with front panel power LED lit and fans still running.

            If front panel power switch is pressed (and held for a few secs) the system shuts down as for a normally working machine.


            When restarted using the front panel power switch, process stops at 0x10 xxxo xxxx Pei core starts.

            Any clues?

            Thanks / Regards

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              The LED code translates to a 59h. As you've indicated it's not in the diagnostic LED list. At this point we need to make sure you're using the right processor for your board revision. You can check that on the S1200BT Tested Processor List. Read the Notes at the bottom of the page.


              Also verify the memory you're using is correct for the processor. See the Memory Subsystem section of the Technical Product Specification for more information.


              If everything there is correct, troubleshoot by removing the memory and see if you get the three beep "no memory" installed indicator. And then reducing the system to a minimum configuration to see if you can determine what (if not the board) may be causing the issue.