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    Intel HD 4000 doesn't recognize RAM in mid 2012 Macbook Pro




      My shiny new Macbook Pro has already had a logicboard (Mac-ish for motherboard) replaced due to this.


      Games (tested Battlefield Bad Company 2 and GTA IV) crash within a few minutes with the screen freezing and showing random colors as the sound starts stuttering and the only solution is to do a hard restart.


      GTA IV tells me that it only recognizes 60 MB VRAM so I guess that the problem is with the graphic card not being able to use the computers onbard RAM (8 GB Corsair Vengeance). The RAM doesn't fail any tests and the computer works like a charm in OSX for days on end, even with heavy Lightroom/Photoshop use.


      Drivers are updated!


      2012-06-17 19.42.55.jpg