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    HELP - Loss of sound



                     DB65AL Motherboard, 3I-2100 Intel Processor, 16GB RAM, 120 GB SSD, 1 TB  mechanical drive, 2 DVD RW drives, 20 GB external drive


      Using on board sound system (no sound card)

      Using on board HD 2000 graphics (no graphics card)


      The system was assembled, tested and Windows 7 loaded. Files were transferred from my old system (Windows XP)

      Up to this point, all was working well. I was watching the news on MSN ( video) when the sound began to fade. It faded to no sound at all.


      I checked all the connections, sound level etc. and even changed out the speakers.  I am new to Windows 7 thus, I only went through the obvious sound adjustments.


      I am open to any and all suggestions as to what to try to renew my sound on this system.