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    puedo actualizar un T4400 por otro procesador?

    Juan Carlos

      Hola a todos,tengo un asus K50ID con un intel Pentium Dual Core T4400.Por que otro procesador podria actualizarlo para aumentar el rendimiento?

      Un intel core 2 duo?


      Muchas gracias

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          We rely on the motherboard and system manufacturers to maintain such compatibility information because their testing requires the use of our processors (not vice-versa). The board must be validated for the power and thermal specifications of the processor. The manufacturer must release a BIOS update for the board with explicit support for the stepping and frequency of the processor. They should also provide any configuration changes or updates specific to the board. Compatibility and upgrade information must be specific to a motherboard, and it must come from the motherboard manufacturer.


          We recommend contacting the motherboard manufacturer for compatibility information between the Intel(R) processors and your motherboard.


          This basically means you will need to contact Asus* for them to let you know what are your processor upgrade options.