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    S1200BTSR RAID 3TB Hard Drive

    George Smith

      I am setting up a server and am using a S1200BTSR with 3 x 3TB RAID 5 drives.  The BIOS recognizes the drives as 3TB, even when I create the array it is the correct size, but when I go to install Windows it is recognized as 746GB.  It doesn't matter what size the array is the drives are still recognized as the same size.  If the drives are in AHCI mode only then they show up correctly in Windows.


      My questions is how do I get Windows to show the correct drive size in the RAID array?

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          George Smith

          It was definitely an RST issue. One of the first things I tried was the latest RST driver from Intel's website for this motherboard. As it turns out they didn't have the most current RST driver under this listed under this board on there site, so I just searched for the RST driver and came up with a newer version. ( vs


          How ridiculous, if Intel had kept their site update it would have saved me a couple of hours.