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    Windows Phone 7 Emulator display issues on Intel HD Graphics 4000


      Hi everyone,


      I am trying to get the Windows Phone 7 Emulator up and running on my new laptop and it is experiencing weird repainting issues that look like this.


      After contacting nVidia support, ASUS support and much discussion on the AppHub forums i have narrowed this down as an issue with the Intel HD Graphics 4000 display adapter that the emulator runs on. I have of course tried many things such as updating drivers and reinstalling the application. Indeed if you look at my post here on the AppHub you can see that this issue affects users with different hardware configurations and operating systems.


      As far as i can see this issue has not been reported before and i would greatly appreciate any help in resolving this issue.


      I have included my particular hardware and software configuration below. It may be useful to also view the configurations of other users reported in the AppHub thread mentioned above.


      ASUS N56VZ

      Intel Core i7-3610QM CPU (2.30GHz)

      8GB DDR3 1600MHz

      nVidia GT 650M (2GB) / Intel HD Graphics 4000

      1TB HDD


      Intel HD Graphics 4000 driver version


      Thank you in advance.