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    Win8 WHCK Test Failed in module "igdumd64.dll’



           We have test us file system mini filter in Win8 by WHCK test tool.In basic test Sleep and PNP with IO before and After test. We get a dump when testing program crashed.


           We analyize the dump file, and the root casue may be module ‘igdumd64.dll’.


      In all three memory dumps, the file ‘igdumd64.dll’ caused an access violation exception
      (0xC0000005) when trying to write to a memory location.  The memory
      locations were different, but the assembly location is the same
      ‘igdumd64!HalFC_SubmitCommands_g5m+ea in C:\Windows\System32\igdumd64.dll’.


            The version of this file in Win8 8400. It's like 24xx.(I'm sorry, i just remember the part of the version, not all). And We try update this driver, and new one's version  is like 27xx. But it still failed. I try another version between the 24xx and 27xx. this problem still exist. So i think this problem maybe already exist for a long time.


           BTW, this file's description not right yet. The description say this file only support to WinXP and I'm runing in Win8 x64 OS. And in my option, WinXP not release x64 version. Just have a test version only.


           We just share this info to your side. Hope it may help you.