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    Onboard-graphic - Problems displaying lines

    Thomas Mann


      i am using a "Siemens IPC 547D" with onboard-graphic "Intel HD Graphic". Here i installed already the newest driver for XP version

      I am having problems with a program called "Agilent VEE". Here i can read numbers and display them in a graphic object.

      Attached the two screenshot display the yellow line. Normally the yellow-line should not have any blank parts between.This example displays 401 points and connects them with lines so that at the end i looks like a curve.


      In the example the user can click in the Start-button, then a textfile ir read that puts the content in the display-object. After each new read of the text-file the yellow line looks different and not all data is displayed.


      ==>When i uninstall the Intel-driver in windows and use the default-driver then i see the correct picture. <==

      Are there any other drivers that i can install to have a correct display?


      Pic-Upload.de - 1.jpg