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    Current Motherboards with PCI v2.2 ?


      hello, which of the intel socket 2011 & 1155  motherboards have PCI slots that support PCI 2.2 cards? i have a yamaha SW1000XG audio/midi sound card. i don't believe it is compatible with PCI 2.3 slots because 5 volt signalling is not present in PCI version 2.3 so i need PCI 2.2 slots, at least one.


      if there aren't any intel socket 2011 & 1155 motherboards that have PCI 2.2 slots, can you recommend the latest and greatest intel motherboard that had PCI 2.2 slots?




      p.s, i'll make sure to post recommendations to the sw1000xg user groups so other users know what compatible boards to buy.