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    DH67BL and CIR Receiver not working



      My new build HTPC consists of; DH67BL, i3, Win7Prox64, 8GigMem (2x4), 64 Gig SSD, 3T Seagate HDD and a Inteset IR receiver connected to the mobo CIR header.

      Attempts I have tried:

      Replace Inteset IR Receiver

      Re-Install Win7 (Twice)

      After WIN re-install, and update Windows and all drivers, tried CIR with nothing else installed.

      BIOS CIR <enabled>

      BIOS current 156

      Nuvoton CIR_Win7_2.2.2011.128_PV  from Intel site

      Nuvoton software, reinstalled, and reinstalled, and...  you get the picture

      Everything seems in order.  Device Manager shows MS eHome, and Nuvoton W836X7HG.

      Only thing out-of-place (other than not "seeing" IR signals, no LED blink on Inteset) is the Nuvoton Menu content, only item under "Nuvoton CIR Tool Kit" is UnInstall, nothing else?

      I've chased-my-tail off and on over the past two weeks, and decided it was time to come to the experts.

      Could this be a mobo issue?

      Any and All Help Will be Greatly Appreciated,