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    dz68db with i5-3570k bios update problem

    Gabriel Gonzalez

      Hello, Yesterday I installed a new system using the motherboard dz68db (AA G27985-105) and a I5-3570K processor.

      It was running ok until I updated the bios from 040 to 042. it finished the update and automatically it shutdown and restarted,

      but after that it did no boot, not video, no beeps. I did everything to recover the bios, I removed the battery 1 hour, No power supply connected,

      I put the bios 042 into a flash memory, remove the jumper to recover bios, it did not work. I also try the bios configuration mode

      and neither have video output, not booting.

      I removed the memory to see what happens but I did no hear any beep without memory.

      As you know my processor I-3570k has overclocking I dont know if this can be a bug.


      Do you know, if it is possible to try a recovery bios using the 040 version? I try with 042 but I do not if it is possible to make a downgrade to my original version and try.

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          Hello Gabriel,


          I understand that your system stop posting after a BIOS update.


          At this time it seems like your CMOS got corrupted. Currently I recommend testing the system out of the chassis on top of a non-conductive surface. Also while you are taking the motherboard out of the chassis, you can clear the cmos by removing the power cables from the motherboard and the  cmos battery for an hour.


          After this, test the motherboard with no RAM memory installed to check if you get beep tones, if you don't you should get in contact with your local warranty department.