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    DH77KC Mobo and PCI-e 2.0 x4 SSD

    Chris Heimlich


               I am planning overhaul my PC soon and am planning to buy a PCI-e 2.0 x4 SSD. In terms of all other factors I determined that the DH77KC board was the best for me. However, from researching I discovered 2 potential problems.


      1. The motherboard/BIOS needs to support booting from PCI-e

      2. There is a problem with many motherboards in which PCI-e SSD cannot be used while the SATA controller is set to RAID mode because there is not enough memory in the ROM.


      I am planning to have the PCI-e SSD as my boot drive and have a normal hard drive RAID array as my partition for games so I would like to use the SSD and RAID at the same time.


      So what I would like to know (if anybody knows) is whether:

      A. The DH77KC supports booting from PCI-e


      B. Whether the DH77KC's on-board SATA controller will be able to support RAID mode and the PCI-e SSD at the same time


      Even if you are not sure but have a good guess at either question, any help is appreciated.


      Thank you.