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    Decreased Windows Expereince Index after Driver Update HD 4000

    shridhar Biradar

      Hello All,


      I have recently purchased Intel I7-3770k, which is currently installed on ASUS P8Z77 V-Pro motherboard and corsair Vengence 8GB ram.

      Once I installed the windows 7 ultimate 64 bit and the stock drivers which came with ASUS motherboard DVD, i ran the WEI, which presented the

      rating as 6.5 for 3D and gaming while 5.6 for Windows Aero experience.


      Once Windows Update, downloaded and installed the latest drivers, I refreshed the WIE and it has now dropped to 5.3 from 6.5.

      I tried to uninstall the update using the "Installed Updates under windows update" i couldnt find the same.

      Should I do a roll back on drivers using device manager? or reinstall using ASUS drivers DVD to stock?


      This is really not what i expected from latest drivers of Intel! Any thoughts please help! s