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    GMA 3600 video stutters

    John Fredine



      I like the idea of a small low power HTPC, so I bought a D2700 based board (Asrock AD2700-ITX) which is advertised as being able to handle 1080p content, but I'm having some real problems making this board/CPU/GPU do the job.  Hopefully someone will have some suggestions.


      I'm running Windows 7 Media Center and when trying to watch live TV, the picture often stutters and video/audio get out of sync.  Given over the air should be 1080i or 720p, it seems like this should be easier than doing 1080p.  I get this problem on all my stations which includes FOX (I believe this should be 720p source) and NBC (I believe this should be 1080i source).  The problem can be seen on my large TV (operates at 1080i through a DVI input) and on my computer monitor (operates at 1080p through HDMI).  Maybe this has to do with the fact that live TV (in the US at least) is delivered as MPEG-2 and the graphics engine is not as efficient with this as it is with other formats?


      Now here is a second piece of information that also adds to my confusion.  If I change the output resolution to 720p or 480p, things appear to run smoothly.  I found this confusing because I would have guessed the original source (1080i or 720p) still has to be fully decoded before it is then modified to match the desired output format.  Maybe I'm wrong about that and shortcuts in the decode can be done if the output format is lower resolution than the source?


      Is anyone using GMA 3600 based graphics for live TV viewing at 1080i or higher?


      Thanks for any help.