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    Problems with DZ77GA-70K Reset

    Alicia Gaghan

      Hello. I recently purchased a DZ77GA-70K motherboard and have been problems with the motherboard reseting at random intervals. As far as I can tell it's problems with the CPU (i7-3770K) being too hot, but I've had it under constant watch and it never goes over 50 degrees so I'm suspecting something faulty with the monitor. The motherboard will reset when I'm actually in the middle of doing something and sometimes even when I'm not. It's even reset during rebooting after another reset. I'm not sure what to do, especially because this problem isn't really defined. Any advice on how to even begin troubleshooting the issue would be most helpful.

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          Here are our recommendations to narrow this issue:


          - Check the processor temperature from the BIOS set up menu directly.


          - Test the system with minimum memory installed and minimum components out of the chassis.


          - Re-seat the processor and cooling fan, ensure they are properly integrated into the motherboard and no loose fasteners.


          - Test with a different power supply with at least 450 watts.

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            Alicia Gaghan

            Okay. I have updates, I guess. Checked the processor temp from BIOS set up menu and I get the same thing. Usually under 50 and always under 55. I also reseated the processor and cooling fan. As far as I can tell they are both snug. The problem, though, has seemed to evolve. Now the reset happens pretty consistently. It happens a couple seconds after I boot into Windows when I turn on my machine after having it off while I'm at work. It'll reset, reboot, and then it'll run fine the rest of the night. I'm not sure why it would reset once right after I turn it on and then run fine after it resets...


            From here I'll try the two other suggestions. Testing the system with minimum components and with a different power supply.

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              Anthony Chiappette

              There is 1 more thing you should do. In WIndows, make sure the "automatically restart" option is set to off, this way instead of a reboot, you will get a blue screen with information on it that might help to narrow the problem.


              You can google the error description and also the LONG error code and might find out what is going on.


              In SYSTEM PROPERTIES, go to the ADVANCED tab and un-check the "Automatically Restart" box.  Hopefully, the next time this happens, the system will not reboot but display the "blue screen of death"


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                Alicia Gaghan

                Tried that. I don't get a BSOD. Just resets still, like before.


                Also, now my Internet connection will randomly cut out and the only way to get it to start back up is to restart the computer. It's not a problem with the router or anything, but from what I can tell from Windows troubleshooting is that it thinks that my ethernet cable is unplugged. Which it isn't. I've tested it multiple times to make sure it's secure.


                Edit: This are the things I have found out through some preliminary troubleshooting: The Internet stops working after my computer comes back from sleep. I have tried reseting that adapter by disabling it and enabling it again, but I actually can't disable it once the Internet has stopped working. If I disable it I have to restart my computer in order for the adapter to appear as disabled. I can then renable it, but then the problem still persists. All of the error messages I'm getting indicate that I either have a faulty ethernet cable or it is broken, but I've checked it with other computers and it works perfectly fine. The lights for the port light up and indicate that the ethernet cable it plugged in, even though I'm not actually connected to the Internet because Windows thinks the cable is unplugged or broken.


                Could I have a faulty motherboard? And, if so, what could I do about it?